The Stigma of Menstruation

Illustrations about menstruation.

The social stigma of menstruation continues to be present in our society.

With a quick search on the Internet, we discovered that not only in countries of the African and Asian continent this social stigma continues to exist. In Europe, it is also still present.

According to Erika Irustra in an interview with «El Periódico», «Half of the world’s population lives its most intimate nature through pain, shame and concealment.», «We have left menstruation in the hands of the clinic and the feminine hygiene as if it were a problem that should be avoided, when in fact it is part of our human and animal condition. «.

Breaking this social stigma through my work was the best way I found to celebrate 8M, International Women’s Day.

Three simple illustrations carry the weight of one of the greatest taboos in our society: menstruation.

Help us break taboos. You are not ashamed. Do not hide. Menstruation is something natural. Break the Stigma.


Thank you