Deborah M.

Designer Freelance | Remote | Europe


Hi there!

My name is Deborah but I prefer people to call me Debbie. I was born in Porto, Portugal, but I expend my life traveling around the world.

I am passionate about graphic design/illustration with a variety of skills developed during my last 7/8 years as a professional.

I am specialized in branding and illustration but I also work as a UX/UI designer, photography, marketing, and creating content for social media.

My passion for photography makes me see the details of the world in a different way that gives inspiration for my jobs.

I am always looking for new and exciting design roles. If you are looking for an artist with my set of skills don’t hesitate  to send me an email at

Hard skills

Graphic Design






- photoshop - illustrator - aftereffects - indesign - ppt - procreate - figma - wordpress - woocommerce

Soft skills





Problem solving


Time management


I am a very creative person.

Solving problems is a work that fascinating me since I started to study design. Since that time I love working in a team and being a leader.

As my work is 90% remote, my communication and self-motivation are my strongest soft skills.

I am adaptable to any project and I am also always available to travel.


Graphic Designer / Illustrator Freelance

Jan. 2017 – at the moment

Graphic Designer 

Lidexgroup 1998 – Company

Mar. 2015 – Jan. 2017

Industrial Designer 

JSM – Company with ESEIG (School of Management and Industrial Studies)

Oct. 2013 – Feb. 2014

Product Designer 

Noviente – company

Merchandising projecto in collaboration with the school Artística Soares dos Reis and the  company Noviente for the association Joãozinho of the Hospital S. João in Oporto.

Oct. 2013 – Feb. 2014


Bachelor’s degree – Design: Industrial

«Escola Superior de Estudos Industriais e de Gestão» (School of Management and Industrial Studies) of «Instituto Politecnico do Porto» ( Polytechnic Institute of Porto), Public Higher Education Institution.

  • Design studies + Visual studies + Information technology + Design in context + Communication and Marketing + Digital production + Industrial Design + Processes and Materials + Visualization + Design Management + Research Project

General Competences

  • Competences relevant to design brief/project: The ability to analyse a problem / follow a theme resolution, the ability to realise / visualise ideas and to develop these into an appropriate solution and the ability to communicate ideas through oral and other forms of presentation.
  • The ability to understand Design in terms of both contemporary practice and historical context.
  • The ability to acquire a working methodology that supports both individual effort and group / collaborative work.

Specific Competences

  • The capacity to use a variety of techniques, methods and media (electronic and manual) in order to arrive at an appropriate design solution (relative to design brief or exercise).
  • The ability to manipulate a variety of elements (text and image, form and surface etc.) in order to develop a concept and to explore a number of possibilities.
  • The ability to progress and develop an idea or concept through the production of visuals, maquettes, production ready artwork, and / or prototypes.
  • The ability to use appropriate language and terminology in order to fully discuss and negotiate your ideas with other designers and with clients etc.
  • The ability to use «new» digital technologies alongside more tradicional and manual methods in order to fully explore an idea or a concept.
  • The ability to organise an exhabition of finished work, through participation in planning and production meetings.
  • The ability to adapt to changes within a design brief and to be able to work to exact specifications and other production requirements.

2011 – 2014

High School – Artistic Specialized: Product Designer

«Escola Artística Soares dos Reis» (Soares dos Reis Artistic School).

General Competences

  • Development of the project methodology oriented to equating and solving problems;
  • Sketch;
  • 2D and 3D digital modeling and printing tools;
  • Experimental work in ceramic, wood and metal workshop.

Specific Competences

  • Product;
  • Equipment.

2008 – 2011


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